Sunday Shopping: September 26

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As the temperatures finally start to drop a bit, I'm looking for a few things to add to my wardrobe to help transition into Fall.  

Easy Dresses: There's nothing better than an easy, solid dress for layering.  Both of these would look great now with sandals and later with boots making them easy to transition

Boots: Speaking of boots, I am in desperate need of a new brown pair.  These ones from Madewell look like a great choice with their low heel.  Plus they come in a wide calf which I definitely need.

For the home: Summer is never over when it comes to my home decor choices.  I always gravitate towards florals, bright colors, and whimsical pieces.  This Tomato scented candle is quite possibly the best thing I've ever smelled.  It will remind you of summer on those dark & dreary November days.



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