Back to School, Back to Basics

I've been out of school for years.  I also don't have children so it might be weird that every fall, I feel like refreshing everything.  Are your white t-shirts getting a bit less bright? Time to refresh them.  Are the jeans you live in starting to wear out (and unless you have chicken legs, you know which part of your jeans I'm talking about)? Probably time to add a new pair to the rotation.  Coffee maker working but at a snails pace? Might be time to replace the one you've had for ten years.

I think it's because I spend most of the spring and summer on the go that come August, I feel like I need to get everything back in order.  And in my wardrobe at least, that means refreshing the basics that have started to wear out.  Below you'll find some of my go-to staples.  Let me know what your favorites are in the comments below!

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1.  I love a good cashmere sweater and unfortunately have to replace them all the time because I tend to do things like rake leaves in them... Replacing them is a lot more tolerable when they're priced like this under $100 J.Crew basic.  I'd layer it over my go-to white button down or just wear a camisole underneath.

2.  A good white t-shirt is an absolute staple of my closet and I love the ones from Everlane! They have a fantastic business model and their t-shirts are great quality.  I have the vneck here but I love the crewneck too!

3. When I can't decide which pair of earrings to wear, I reach for these hammered hoops.  They're a fantastic price point and go with absolutely everything.  They also weigh next to nothing so they're easy to wear to work all day.

4.  While a light blue blazer might not seem like a basic, a fun blazer is an absolute staple in my wardrobe.  Throw it on over a white t-shirt, some black jeans (I've become a huge Levi's fan, they fit my shape wonderfully and hold up well) and you look very put together.  I've found some great vintage blazers over the years on the Real Real 

5.  I might have six or seven black dresses in my closet.  Some of them I've had since a college summer internship though and now that I'm almost 30, they're starting to show their age.  I've been eyeing this Theory dress for a while because it looks like something I'd wear for the next 15 years, if not longer.  Ann Taylor is another of my favorite sources for black dresses.

6.  A trench coat is another staple of my closet.  This Burberry one is definitely a splurge but you can also find them on the Real Real!  And I always think that if you're going to splurge on something, you might as well buy something high quality that you'll wear forever.

7. Another pair of hammered gold hoops that I wear all the time.  These Stirrup hoops are slightly horsey looking so if you're like me and don't want to be overly equestrian but still love horses, these are the hoops for you.

8.  These Cole Haan flats remind me so much of the Aquazzura flats I've seen everywhere but are a way better price and are probably more comfortable too.  I live in flats so these would be the perfect replacement to one of the multiple beat up pairs of black ones currently in my closet.

9.  As I said earlier, I'm a big fan of Levi's.  I've had these black skinny jeans for a year and they still haven't faded.  They're a great high rise and very skinny so easy to tuck into boots.  They also have a good amount of stretch which is essential.

10.  In case you didn't read the first point, I love cashmere.  This lightweight cashmere wrap would be a great layering piece for fall and would be really useful for travel.  I have two similar wraps already but would love to have this in black or grey.

11.  I've been looking for a new pair of big sunglasses because my Celine ones are really heavy and are kind of a pain to wear all day.  I'm thinking this Gucci pair would look great with almost everything.  

12.  Last but not least are these new snake studs I've designed.  They're only about an inch and a half long so you can definitely wear them all day and they weigh next to nothing.  I've worn them a few times and have received tons of compliments on them.