Cass Dickson Chelsea Dickson

The Idea

I surround myself with beautiful things--jewelry being one of my favorites.  As a consequence, my jewelry box was overflowing with things I almost loved.  Almost but not quite.  And so Cass Dickson was born.  I looked at my old jewelry and thought, I can do better.  A sketchbook filled with designs later, I had the beginning of a line.


About Chelsea

Chelsea Dickson is the founder and designer of Cass Dickson.  She started Cass Dickson by making every piece by hand on her dining room table in Lexington, Kentucky.  The name Cass Dickson is a combination of an old family name and Chelsea's last name.  In nodding to the past, Chelsea hopes that her jewelry will have a timeless appeal.  She hopes you agree.


Style & Quality

Quite simply, I design pieces I would wear.  I create pieces suitable for everything from daily wear to black tie events.  Cass Dickson is a line that aims to appeal to women of all ages and styles.   

As for quality, I have very high standards.  Part of the reason I started Cass Dickson is because I was tired of repairing earrings and necklaces all the time.  And if for some reason a Cass Dickson piece breaks within a year of buying it, I will repair it free of charge.