Get a head start on holiday shopping

Beat the rush and start your holiday shopping early! I've put together this gift guide with some of our bestselling styles.  Hopefully it helps you shop quickly so that you have time for the more important things! 


1. Primrose EarringsNo matter what color you choose, these are a bestseller for a reason.  They're super lightweight (it's just like wearing pearl studs) and fun. And if you want to take it up a notch, the primrose tassels are pretty amazing too.


2. Cicada Earrings. I wear these earrings almost every day. The classic Cicada & Pearl Earrings go with absolutely everything and are a sure-win for any recipient.  I'll probably wear the Cicada Luxe style to every holiday party.  I love that a style I came up with very late one night has become such a bestseller.


3. Anything Acrylic. Acrylic has been very big this year and I don't see the trend going away anytime soon.  I particularly love the Cecilia earrings.  The combination of feminine petals and studded acrylic is such a fun contrast.  The white pair would be great for any future bride!


Jewelry is always a great gift and I really hope this guide helps you! I love helping people pick out gifts too so if you need any help, just reach out to me at!