Home for the Holidays

The Holidays have always been my favorite time of year.  Even at 30, Christmas Eve with 35 plus relatives is the holiday I look forward to most.  And while presents are wonderful, it's hard to beat gathering as a family - older generations looking on as younger cousins try to sneak champagne, a crackling fire, and conversations spilling out of rooms.  It's magical.  But it's not happening this year.

This started out as a post on Holiday Entertaining but quickly turned into something else.  The holidays are going to be different this year -- less travel, fewer people, and a lot more time spent on FaceTime.  But why not make the most of it and recreate the warmth of family gatherings in your own home? 

So sabre open that bottle of champagne, freshen up your pajamas (you probably need a new pair), or toss on a spiffy velvet blazer.  It's time to feel festive!  Below are some of my picks to help you do just that.