Amazon Home Refresh - March 2019

Any of my good friends will tell you that I'm obsessed with my house.  After I moved in last year, I went crazy with paint and fabric samples, created way too many Pinterest boards (like one for each bathroom...), and rearranged furniture at least once a week.  Even though it's fully furnished now, I'm still always looking at furniture & decor because hey, who doesn't love an upgrade?

This blue glassware is really stunning and you see similar pieces in home decor stores for way more than the Amazon price.  I also found a really fun green set and a blue and green swirled set that feels very Sarah Bartholomew

Blue swirled glassware


This garden stool feels very Furbish Studio but at under $100 is a fun graphic pop in any room.  I love garden stools tucked next to bedside tables and in bathrooms, it's a great way to add a bit of surface space.  I also found a similar version with turquoise painted stripes here.

Black and White Garden Stool


I have a tendency to leave throw blankets crumpled up on my sofa.  This seagrass basket would look awesome under a side table and is a great way to hide clutter and those crumpled blankets.  I found another fun, less expensive option here

Seagrass storage basket

I need a new rug in my studio.  I have a seagrass one in there now that I LOVE but the vacuum doesn't pick up all of the wire clippings and things so I need a rug with less texture (which rules out moroccan shag rugs).  This flatweave rug is a great neutral that would make it easy for me to find earring backs when I drop them (about twice a day).

Flatweave rug


This balloon piggy bank is so fun and a great nod to Jeff Koons.  I have the pink dog on my console table next to a 19th century bronze of greyhounds and I LOVE the contrast between the two (am I the only one who notices these things?).  They also have a great elephant version or a classic pig version for traditionalists. 

Balloon Piggy Bank


I have wanted this lamp for years and finally bought a pair of them for my guest room.  I was really excited to find a pair of them on Amazon for much less than some other stores.  I have the blue/white version which is really more of a french blue/cream.  If you want more traditional blue & white, I'd try the white/navy style shown below.  It's really similar to some Bunny Williams and Christopher Spitzmiller styles but isn't something you'd blow your budget on.

Swirl splatter lamp



I love a good coffee table book and this has the benefit of being interesting too (plus who doesn't love hot pink?).  I gave it as a housewarming present to a friend and bought a copy for myself too. It's also more pink in person that it is in the photo.


Think that's it for March.  I'll be posting more of these throughout the year but let me know what you think in the comments!


Update: I just found another amazing garden stool here and had to share

Striped garden stool