June Home Wish List: Dinner Party Edition

There is very little I love more than a good dinner party, especially a summer dinner party.  Great food, good music, and close friends coming together is really the best.  Take your next soiree up a notch with these finds!


Cass Dickson Jume Home Refresh


1.  This Mercedes Salazar serving bowl holder is so fun.  I've loved her earrings for years and am even more in love with her new home line.  All of her pieces are handmade by artisans in Colombia (her native country).

2.  Tory Burch nails it once again with these fun lettuceware candlesticks.  I'd love them on a blue and green tablecloth like this Amazon one I've posted about before (and is a steal at under $40).

3.  Amanda Lindroth is another brand I've been loving for a few years now.  These domes would be perfect for an outdoor dinner party or to use later in winter to keep things warm.  She makes them in a few other colors too!

4.  This glass is expensive but is SO pretty.  I'd love it with a few flowers in it as a vase (I don't trust myself to drink out of something so beautiful)

5.  At under $30, this glass pitcher is a great find.  I love the pop of color on the handle.

6.  These cheese knives are the best I've ever used.  They're actually sharp (and there's nothing worse than cutting into a hard cheese with a dull knife) and they're very attractive.  They make a great housewarming/ bridal shower gift too.

7.  Another piece from Tory Burch Home, these salad plates are so pretty.  

Click through the slides below to find even more great dinner party essentials!