Monday Must-Haves 10/14

Happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a great start! I'm trying to create more content on here so I've decided to start a new "Monday Must-Haves" segment with five or so things I consider more or less essentials.  We're starting off this week with some of the best (and sometimes overlooked) essentials.

#1: Tissue box covers.

I have a few of these and definitely don't use them on every tissue box but I just bought a 12 pack of tissue boxes from Costco and the designs on them are some kind of hideous.  I'm not kidding, one looks like one of those awful 90s pine tree flannels.  That's where tissue box covers come to the rescue.  I love this green embroidered palm one from Madre in Dallas (for those of you familiar with my powder room, how amazing would it look in there?).  There are some great ones on Etsy too! And this scalloped porcelain one would be great anywhere.

#2: Cashmere Sweaters.

Cashmere sweaters are without a doubt my favorite luxury.  I'm always cold and have sensitive skin so I pretty much live in them from October to April.  Black, Camel, and Ivory are my go-to colors but you really can't go wrong with any color.  I I have this mock neck one in camel and I live in it (it's under $60 right now so worth buying one or two).  J.Crew has excellent ones too, I'm particularly partial to this v-neck one.  And this travel wrap is a stunning color.

#3: A Mason Pearson Hairbrush.

I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to my beauty routine.  I don't wear much makeup and only blow dry my hair when I absolutely need to.  But my Mason-Pearson is something I really can't live without.  I've had one since before I hit puberty (and used my mother's or grandmother's or great-grandmother's before that).  It makes my hair much sleeker and shinier.  I keep a purse sized one in my car and a full sized one on my vanity.  My smaller one has the plastic detangling parts which are really nice when I haven't remembered to get a haircut in a few months.  If knots aren't an issue for you, you won't need to spend the extra money on the one with the detangling bristles.

#4: Nice Smelling Soap.

I'm particular to Molton Brown's Orange Bergamont liquid hand soap but any nice smelling soap that makes you feel better will work.  Every time I smell something nice, I smile and that alone makes it so worth spending a bit of money on something a bit nicer.  If you don't like liquid hand soap, I also love this Hermès soap (they have it at my favorite hotel in Buenos Aires).

#5: Fresh Flowers

I frequently cut flowers from my own garden when they're in season but now that it's too cold for them, I go to Trader Joe's.  When I'm really feeling fancy though, I order from Farmgirl Flowers.  I love their business model and supporting a small business.