Summer Heat

Sequin Caftan | Gold Vine Earrings | Striped Shirt | Striped Bathing Suit | Hoops | Sunglasses | Red Dress | Raffia Sandals | Sunscreen | Orange Slingbacks | Striped Dress | Black Bathing Suit | White Jeans | Tote Bag | Hydrangea Earrings

It's the middle of July and things are feeling pretty steamy.  On the few occasions we've gone to dinner, I've elected to sit outside.  Which means wearing my hair down isn't going to happen.  So I pull my wet hair back into a low bun, throw on some fantastic earrings and go.

Here are some of my favorite mid summer finds:

1. Summersalt bathing suits! I was influenced by Megan Stokes on this and bought The Sidestroke and now I'm eyeing this striped one.  I hate most bathing suits but this one really sucks you in without feeling like you're wearing too small spanx.  If you click here, you can get $10 off your order.  I think they run very true to size.  I usually have to go up a size in J.crew to fit my torso and didn't here.

2.  Cass Dickson charm hoops.  Once I started making these, I remembered how FUN wearing big hoops is! These are all lightweight enough to wear all day too.

3. Caftans!  I'm a longtime caftan lover but their relaxed silhouette is especially wonderful when it's hot and humid.  Plus they make you look v chic with minimal effort.  I've been contemplating a Sue Sartor one for a few months but haven't pulled the trigger yet.

4. Stripes!  This one goes without saying.  Bonus- it looks like that striped linen dress will hide sweat well.

5.  Sunscreen.  As much as I loved frying my skin when I was a teenager, I'm now all about the SPF.  Supergoop makes my favorite face sunscreen but this Shiseido option is great for the rest of your bod!  If you're looking for a reef friendly one, you can't beat Beautycounter