Sunday Shopping 10/13

There was a frost advisory this morning which means it's finally fall (or if you run as cold as I do, winter... yes, I wore a knee length parka outside this morning).  So this Sunday, I'm trying not to leave the house and shopping for things that will warm me up!

I'm really feeling like curling up on my sofa with a cup of tea (I love Fortnum & Mason's Countess Grey but they won't ship it to the US unless it's part of a Christmas hamper so the Harrods version will have to work). 

But I've also been craving a Ketel One Martini for about a week so I might have to go that route instead (ps- these glasses are wonderfully thin and harder to spill out of than the normal shape).  Skewer some blue cheese olives on these fantastic cocktail picks and you're on your way to a very good afternoon.  PS- martinis make watching sports with your boyfriend much more tolerable.  And if you're wearing this cashmere sweater dress, you'll be warm too!

Scroll through the slides below to see more of my Sunday Shopping picks!



PS- I may earn a small commission on some of these links but it won't cost you anything!