Sunday Shopping 10/6

Happy Sunday Everyone!

It's finally raining here in Kentucky and the temperature dropped below 80 so I'm starting to get into fall mode.  With the rain, I decided to cook bolognese for dinner tonight! I personally love the Barefoot Contessa recipe because it doesn't take all day.  Plus you can serve it to a crowd in a pretty Le Creuset pot and your whole table looks much more put together!

I also am starting to transition into my fall wardrobe.  Which means I wear a cashmere sweater, jeans, and flats almost every day (this pair of flats is a great transitional pair).  They're classics for a reason and when I don't have much time to get dressed, they're what I reach for.

I'm also sitting on my sofa under a blanket as I'm writing this so I'm definitely wanting to feel cozy.  So this Sunday's shopping is dedicated to rainy day essentials (especially for rainy days you stay inside).