Sunday Shopping: March 14

Mixed Stripe Pajamas | Aligator Slippers | Tiered Dress | Star Etched Glasses | Hoop Earrings | Star Intarsia Sweater | Wicker Bucket Bag

I'm trying to "shop my closet" more this year.  One, because it's full, and two because I have some pretty great clothes.  It's great because now something has to feel really special for me to want to buy it.  These are some of those things.  Have you tried shopping your own closet? Have you had any luck?

One thing that I have been wearing on repeat is an old pair of needlepoint loafers from a company called Zalo.  They're insanely comfortable but look a lot nicer than my beat up white supergas. They'd gone out of business so I was DELIGHTED to find that the daughter and niece of the original owner are reviving the company.  Give them a follow on IG - they just relaunched and are worth a follow. (not sponsored, just a big fan)

PS - I may earn a small commission if you purchase through some of these links.