Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is fast approaching so to help you out, we've selected some of our favorite and best selling styles.  Whether your plans are a romantic dinner for two, a not-date date with friends, or watching a movie at home, these earrings are guaranteed to make you feel beautiful.

Firework Earrings

Recreate the magic of that first kiss with our firework earrings.  Whether in Valentine's pink or any other color, these earrings are knockouts. (We've even had someone ask if they could kiss them).

Pearl & Mother of Pearl Drops

These best selling earrings match nearly everything and can be worn year round.  They've been spotted on some of our favorite influencers.


Mini Cha Chas


They come in a variety of colors and are perfect for the "I'm not sure what she'd like" situation because everyone from my 13 year-old cousin to my grandmother loves these.  Plus, the price point is pretty hard to beat.


Tiered Tassels


The tie-dye effect on these is a the perfect mix of boho and preppy.  Plus she'll wear them from now well through the summer.  One of last summer's best selling styles, we're sure these will be big again.