Valentine's Gift Guide for Guys

Every Valentine's Day, I dread figuring out what to get my boyfriend.  It's not that long after Christmas so I don't want to go overboard but I also want to get him something he'll love and is sentimental.  This year will be our third Valentine's Day and I think I'm finally starting to master the art of buying gifts for guys.  Find my top pics below and let me know what you think!

1. Framed Rome Travel Ticket from Chairish

We went to Rome after Christmas this year and it was a fantastic trip.  This framed oversized ticket stub would be a great way to remind him of that trip without being too cheesy.  They have them for a few other cities too.  And what guy doesn't need more art on his walls?

2.  Ray-Ban Aviators

These are a classic style for a reason and make a great gift.  Bonus: you can "borrow" them 

3.  La Matera Belt

I've been a big fan of La Matera since their early days.  They make classic belts that most of his friends won't have (yet).  They come in the woven and embroidered leather versions.  If he's tough on his clothes, go with the embroidered leather as it'll hold up better.

4. Barbour Jacket

They're a bit pricey but he will have it FOREVER (mine was my great-grandmothers - yes the quality is that good).  I like both the Beaufort and Bedale styles in classic olive.  The Beaufort also has a game pocket in the back that's great for storing an extra beer at tailgates.

5. Yeti Coffee Cup

Great for an add-on gift or for people who've just started dating.  Because the cup can keep things hot for hours, it would be cute if you stuck a little note in there about keeping things steamy.