Wednesday Inspo July 10: Block Prints

One of my current favorite earring styles, the Marigold Earring, reminds me so much of my favorite block print fabrics.  For some reason, I've always loved block prints.  And I love them everywhere... my everyday napkin drawer has four different patterns of block print napkins (thanks, in no small part, to the Pomegranate warehouse sale), my closet is filled with block print shirts, I have block print bathing suits, and my tablecloth drawer is...overflowing with block print.  It's on my sofa, my bedroom curtains, and in at least two of my guest rooms.  Needless to say, I have a problem.

So this Wednesday Inspo focuses on something I didn't realize I'd surrounded myself with until I made a pair of earrings.  It's also all over the place right now which made it really easy to pull things together from all over the internet (and even harder to narrow down to less than 50 things, I really don't want to overwhelm you). All of them are shoppable by clicking on the image.

Some of my favorite brands have been making block print styles for years.  Pomegranate is a Lexington based brand that makes stunning prints (my go-to robe is from them).  India Amory is a newer tabletop brand with great style (I love the way her yellow tablecloth is styled with my favorite Herend pattern).  Roller Rabbit has been a fave since high school.  I love how Banjanan is keeping the traditional methods of Indian block printing alive by employing women to make its fabrics.  There are probably tons of brands I've worn and loved and have forgotten to mention but this post is dragging on.  Let me know what you think in the comments below!




1. I have this lampshade on my bedside table and it makes me smile all the time.  The woman who makes them is wonderful and is really great about making custom sizes if you need them!

2.  My love of Roller Rabbit knows no end.  I love this maxi dress for summer (dress it up with a pair of Cass Dickson earrings...)

3.  These earrings were just restocked and I'm so excited about it! They're a great year-round pair that goes with almost anything.

4.  Another lampshade! This would give great warmth to a room.  They're very Ben Pentreath.

5.  I've been a J.Crew girl for years.  I can always count on them to have some great block prints in their summer collection every few years and this coverup is a great one from their collaboration with SZ blockprints.

6.  The earrings that inspired this post! I've been wearing these on repeat and secretly don't want anyone to buy them...

7.  I've loved Carrie Forbes Sandals ever since my best friend introduced me to her line when we were in Argentina.  I have one pair and have found some good dupes here that I wear on days when it might rain. The Jeffrey Campbell dupe for Carrie Forbes is pretty spot on too and comes in tons of colors.

8.  This Banjanan skirt is another I've had my eye on.  I love how the designer helps preserve the tradition of block printing in India by hiring a team of women there.  The prints are also fantastic.

9.  Another SZ Blockprints design, this time for Anthropologie.  I love this tote bag and think it would be great for the farmers market, gym, overnight trips, and all sorts of other things.  It's also on sale so you should snag it while you can.

10.  Last but not least is this under $30 Amazon Dress is a great boho find.  I think the fabric might be screen printed to look like it's a block print but it's still pretty fantastic.  I've seen tons of women wearing it on Instagram and it seems to work well on all shapes and sizes.

 If you're interested in the history of block printed fabrics (it goes back to at least 1320 BCE and yes, I'm a history dork) there's a wikipedia article here.