Wicker, Rattan & Cane

I L O V E wicker, rattan & other natural fiber pieces.  I have a pair of old school rattan tables as a coffee table, have carried the Cult Gaia Ark bag for years, and my latest collection for summer includes a lot of wicker!  So putting this blogpost together was easy peasy! Along the way, I discovered some great new sources I thought I'd pass along.  PS- some of these links are affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase.
1. Serena & Lily has ALWAYS had fantastic wicker and rattan pieces.  They can sometimes be a bit pricey so if you're not in a rush, they'll probably have a 4th of July sale.
2.  Matilda Goad is a British designer who makes things I have literally dreamt about.  So whimsical and fun.  You can find some of her tabletop pieces on Matchesfashion.  I believe she's partnered with Liberty of London as well.
3. Dashing Trappings is a new find and one worth exploring! They sell the elephant side table.  If you're looking to buy Mainly Baskets Home, they're a great source too!
4.  Amanda Lindroth has long been a favorite of mine and her new collection is FABULOUS.  I especially love this tiny wicker pagoda.  It would be so pretty on one of her block print tablecloths or near one of her fantastic pitchers.
5. The Ay Caramba bag really does deserve its own shoutout.  If I were to buy it (and I very well might), I'd smile every time I saw it.